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Winston Wealth Navigator: Volume 1

From Winston Wealth Advisors

VOLUME 1 – MAY 2024

Discover 13 Ways To Supplement Your Retirement Income

Retirement marks a significant life transition and an opportunity to explore new avenues to stay financially secure. While traditional pension plans and savings play a crucial role, you can further supplement your income with various jobs that not only provide financial benefits but also offer a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Read on as we explore 13 opportunities to enhance retirement income.

What Are Accredited Investors? Eligibility, Purpose, & Assets

Building a strong foundation in financial literacy is crucial for making informed decisions about personal finances and achieving long-term goals. Understanding basic terms and concepts will empower you to have discussions about the financial world with confidence. You will be able to better articulate your financial ambitions and make strategic decisions to work towards them.

What Are Accredited Investors? Eligibility, Purpose, & Assets

Understanding Fiduciaries: Are Investment Advisors Included?

At the beginning of any new process, the very first step is learning the proper terms or the lingo. Whether it’s an unfamiliar job, your child’s favorite sport, or a different type of cuisine you’re striving to whip up in the kitchen, grasping the basic language is step one. The same concept applies to your journey to financial strength. A solid understanding of all the terminology equips you with the fundamental knowledge to have a productive conversation. So today, we’re sharing an overview of the roles and responsibilities of fiduciaries and investment advisers.

Understanding Fiduciaries: Are Investment Advisors Included?


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